Thursday, January 05, 2006

Viral Voip Webucation: Visionary Trend in 2006

Viral Voip Webucation
--Job Description--
Executive Distributor Wanted

Are You prepared for the next new, new, trend in Viral Voip Webucation! Do know the formulas for viral distribution? Do you understand how Voice Over Internet Protocol is impacting business communications? Don't be left behind while the current trend leaves the station! An International, well-established company seeks exceptional leaders who are ready to get paid what they are worth.

Emerald Passport Inc. (EPI) has been in the Educational Publishing business for 15 years. EPI has zero debt and has created proprietary adult continuing education products currently marketed in over 20 countries. Approximately three years ago, EPI began converting their Direct Sales Marketing business model to the Internet and is now positioned as a respected global leader in the multi-hundred billion dollar Web education (or 'Webucation') industry.

During the summer of 2004, EPI launched its home-based business where Independent EPI Distributors exclusively market the unique EPI life-changing educational products retail to customers worldwide. In addition, EPI Independent Distributors also offer individuals the turnkey business opportunity.

This home-based business model combines a cutting-edge computer technology infrastructure, a sophisticated automated marketing system, a comprehensive business tracking system and an integrated contact managing system with 24/7 support and ongoing mentoring and training by professionals with decades of experience in the Direct Sales industry. The EPI business model is designed so that everyone can be successful, even without having a background in sales or marketing.

There finally is a genuine business opportunity that affords the potential for a multiple six-figure income from the comfort of your home. The secret to the awesome earning potential lies within the Emerald Passport '2-Up' Reverse Margin Compensation Plan. There isn't any other that compares and must be seen to be fully appreciated.

If You can see the Vision of the future that EPI has grasped and is presenting, I strongly urge you to visit the EPI website: to learn more about the products and opportunity. If you like what you've heard and would like to preview the products, you can send an email to and we will arrange a guest pass. Or, if you have other questions or would like additional information, feel free to call using our toll free number.

Success Qualities:

-A ton of desire
-Moderate people skills
-Coachable and trainable

Name: Bill Whetstone

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