Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mass Media Maven Mindset Manifesto

# NeuroMarketing Tactic 1: Planting The Seeds For Your Alternate Reality Game -

Controlling the buying behavior of thousands of people and completely taking over a market is actually pretty easy ...but you do need to plan

In this NeuroMarketing Tactic,

* Map out your Mass Media Maven Plan Of Attack in less than an hour.

* Uncover hidden Mass Media Maven Money Magnets you already have ...

* Position your product for the highest perceived value. (This means you can charge more and make more money).

* Magnetically attract affiliates ...and get them to actually ask you if they can promote your stuff.

* The "NeuroMarketing" Method that catapults you to becoming the hottest and most talked about person in your market ...almost overnight.

* The "Mass Media Maven Mindset" that grabs a market's attention and gets them ready to buy ...

# NeuroMarketing Tactic 2: Creating Your Avatar And Mass Media Maven Story Line

Mass Media Maven uses PARABLES.

And when you put Mass Media Mavento work for you, there are two powerful "weapons" you have at your disposal.

Your "Avatar" and your "Plot."

the three most powerful Character and Story Line combinations with Mass Media Maven are:

* Wounded Hero

* The Quest

* Community Vs. Invaders

Mass Media Maven shows how to create these Avatars and plots to use in your own ARG's (Alternate Reality Games ...

# NeuroMarketing Tactic 3: The Actual FORMULA Behind Mass Media Maven, And How To Use It For Maximum Profits.

In this NeuroMarketing Tactic, I'll give you a detailed explanation of the formula, I'll show you how to apply it, and I'll give you actual real life
examples of my personal Mass Media Maven campaigns where I used it.

# NeuroMarketing Tactic 4: Launch Your Social Network ARG

NeuroMarketing Tactic 4, teaches more about Mass Internet Buying Behavior and how to influence huge crowds of people on the Internet
than just about anybody else on the planet.

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