Friday, April 28, 2006

Viral VoIP Email Marketing Award Winners

Hey I just discovered this great swipe file that you can
get great email campaign ideas from.

MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing Award Winners 2006 (38 Creative Samples to Steal Ideas From)

** Publisher's Note: MarketingSherpa Job Opening

MarketingSherpa, the publisher of this newsletter, is seeking a Senior Marketing Manager with strong direct response, analytic, supervisory, and online skills. Know someone? Please send them this link -- thanks:

SUMMARY: Save this issue in your "swipe file" for inspiration for your next email campaign or strategy meeting. Worth noting -- every campaign is being honored based on real-life *results* (not just creative). Includes:

-> 12 B-to-B email campaigns
-> 6 Best email newsletters
-> Campaigns from Blockbuster, Intercontinental Hotels, Ghiradelli, IBM, CareerBuilder & Canadian Blood Services.

Plus, find out which brand won four awards (a record achievement) and which little-known ad agency won three for itself and clients.

Here are creative samples and background details on 38 of the very best email campaigns ever:
(Open access *forever* - yes you can add this link to your blog)

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