Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google Bank Webucation

How to Turn Tragedy into Opportunity

By Jason Mangrum

I couldn't believe it.

They closed my Paypal account.

I've been using them for years.

It's near the holidays, and they locked

it up with all my money. I was at Madison

Square Garden with my wife Skye and our

friend Michelle to see Dane Cook (he was

hilarious) and was informed by a puzzled

cashier as he handed me back my debit card

with a slightly raised eyebrow, that I was

declined. So, I called them to fix it.

After about a 2 minute wait, the guy on

the other end said, "Ah dude, I don't know

how to tell you this, but your account has

been closed, umm... permanently. I'm sorry."

I almost fell over.

I'm a full-time entrepreneur "stay-at-home"

type of guy with a family and a big house.

"This can't be happening!" the ego shouted.

"I left all my money Paypal!"

I'm not going to tell you how much.

But it was enough to strike a pang of fear

through my heart, which had now begun to

sink slowly into the bottom of my chest.

"Tell me what I can do to fix it." I muttered.

He returned, "...hang on a sec."

I've brought in over $33,898 into my Paypal account

within a hundred and twenty days of promoting

Passport to Wealth, and wasn't too interested

in spending my time and energy on much else.

That is, with a few special... unique, exceptions.

I'm also the Top Secret Copywriter.

(see http://www.topsecretcopywriter.com)

I have developed the ability to create money out

of thin-air through marketing and manifesting.

But all my money was in Paypal.

He gave me an email address of someone I could

contact about possibly getting my account lifted.

There's an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) address

they'll give you if you treat them with respect.

The moment we got home I ran to my downstairs office,

threw myself at the computer and began to write.

It was near the holidays... they had to respond.

"I'm just a human being like them, I'll appeal to their

more personal side, and they'll at least let me get my

money out of there... for sure. I can do that."

The thought began its descent into my reality.

Consciously, I was an emotional train wreck.

Visions of sudden doom for my family, our home business

and our income flooded every corner of my mind. I almost

"wanted" to feel bad about the whole experience.

It was a shock to the nervous system.

Sometimes, when you're right in the middle of what's

going on, you forget to practice what you've learned.

I forgot to focus on the lesson.

It was trying to get my attention, and I wasn't listening.

So, it tried harder.

A few hours after I fired off my personal email to Paypal,

I received a personal reply in a robotic sense, officially

apologizing for the inconvenience, but stating firmly that

my account was closed for violating the Terms of Agreement

which was clearly against MLM, ponzi schemes, pyramids and

"get rich quick" schemes of any kind.

But I don't promote an MLM, I promote Passport to Wealth,

and it's not an MLM. It says so, right in the video.

Regardless, they put a hold on my funds for 180 days and

told me to have a nice day. I was manifesting the end of

my rope. I had asked for an appeal, and they said no.

I wanted to sue them and get even. They ruined Christmas.

There's that ego again.

I was left with no choice but to surrender to a higher power.

I decided to turn inward.

Within 30 minutes of meditating, clearing and energizing my

light body using Falun Dafa, I gained the lesson. The "ah hah"

moment hit me like a bolt of lightening... equally as jarring

as the previous, less positive encounter.

I manifested this to make more money.

Many people don't use Paypal, and the search engines are

quickly filling up with anti-Paypal sites all over the place.

There are some horror stories from ex-Paypal users that put

mine to shame. My friend Carlos Garcia lost almost $200,000

when Paypal shut him down and froze his funds overnight.

Recently, a new, more widely trusted source has emerged.

In fact, unlike Paypal they're a household name. Google.

Google Checkout is a new rival to Paypal.

Billions of people search Google every day, versus Paypal’s

few million users. That's a bigger difference than it seems.

People trust Google more than they trust Paypal.

Google will increase sales.

Their Adwords program works seamlessly with Checkout.

In fact, my friend Chris McNeeny just released a video

revealing his $1.67 million dollar ClickBank account to

prepare the world for his launch of the Google Assassin.

(see http://jasonmangrum.com/google-assassin.html)

There's a lot of money to be made using Google.

Paypal is cracking down on any program or business that

promotes the idea of being able to make money. They label

it as "get rich quick" or MLM and freeze your account.

It doesn't matter if it's a genuine and legitimate business

selling access to $75,000+ in products and software with

Master Resale and Private Label Rights for $997, to them

it's a scheme and violates their Acceptable Use Policy.

Google doesn't see it that way.

They're not perfect, but they're better for sales.

My best advice would be to remove Paypal immediately if

your business promotes the idea that one can make money.

Too much can be taken away from you overnight.

Now back to the lesson...

I finally listened.

As a result of learning the lesson and paying attention

to the universal clues surrounding the entire situation

telling me Paypal was bad for my business -- and I could

increase my sales beyond anything I've experienced before

using Google Checkout to accept all major credit cards,

I received another email from them.

This time it was a canned response. But it told me that

my funds were now available for withdrawal. A miracle.

I promptly logged into Paypal and began the transfer to my

bank account. In 3-4 business days, I'll have money again.

They were kind and generous enough to lift the hold long

enough for me to send the money to my bank account.

I appreciate them. They were an integral part of my choice

to manifest more money through my online business.

And now, I can use the resources I have readily available,

to turn this tragedy into opportunity and help other people

by telling my story. They don’t happen without challenges.

Every obstacle or problem is a challenge to give you

the opportunity to turn lead into gold. If you don't

listen, it will try harder to get your attention.

If you refuse the lesson, you are doomed to repeat it

as many times as necessary to get your full attention.

Just look for the clues.

The lessons are there to help you know yourself.

Looking back, I can see my reactions both inner and

outer, that caused these manifestations to occur.

Had I been mindful of the lesson at the time of

experiencing it, I could have avoided the severity

of what happened all together.

But the moment the lesson is realized, you get relief.

This didn't just happen so I could increase my sales,

I also learned that self-control while in the moment

manifests a better, more positive and all-around easier

projected experience. The outer reflects the inner.

And now, I have a whole new arsenal of tools from Chris

and his "Google Assassin" to make more money than ever before,

and have it deposited from Google, straight into my bank.

I hope this article helps you.

In every moment, you can turn tragedy into opportunity.

Remember, you must smile in the mirror first, before your

reflection smiles back. But the change is instantaneous.

Feel free to pass on this article everyone you know. Place it

on your web site, in emails or on your blog. Let as many people

see this article as possible to protect themselves and avoid

having to learn this lesson the hard way, like I did.

May your journey be filled with blessings beyond compare.

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